Welcome to the interview of our junior miss Crown & Glory UK Georgia G.

Want to know what it has taken to be a C&G UK title holder from the perspective of the queen herself?

Georgia has taken the time to give us an interview of her many years as a Crown & Glory queen.

georgia chez red dress.jpg

Georgia from North Wales was crowned Junior Miss Crown & Glory UK back in August 2019

Photo taken in Chester City for a photoshoot with the winners in 2020

Georgia has been our queen since 2019 and has stayed with us after her title ended in 2020. Georgia and her mum chose to continue being our queen until August 2022 and we are so grateful and lucky to have them both as part of the family.

Georgia is a clever young lady and with the help of her mother Di, Georgia has worked really hard attending events, raising awareness, being a sister queen and apart of the family. We are proud to have had Georgia stay with us for so long and we hope she has had a fantastic experience with Crown & Glory as we have had with her. 

What ever Georgia decides to do in the future we will always support her and her mother Di. We are proud and supportive of our queens and what they can achieve. 

Keep reading to find out what Georgia says about her time as a Crown & Glory queen.

How did you get into pageants?

My best friend Lily who is a natural beauty queen got me into pageants by saying that it will boost my confidence. I had a feeling that I was meant to be in pageants, so I joined Natural beauty and when I didn't win, I had the bug and decided to enter Crown & Glory Pageant.

It was so long ago now since winning in 2019. Do you remember what you did to prepare for the 2019 UK finals?

I didn't have long to prepare for the pageant in 2019. I found appearances, got practicing my walk, learned about the pageant and the charity. It was a little rushed at first as I had to find dresses as I only had 3/4 weeks until the finals but it was worth it. I entered pretty close to the date which I wouldn't recommend people to do. 


Was this your first time competing?

I first competed in Natural beauty which was my first experience in pageants, then I went to Crown & Glory Pageants. 

What made you choose Crown & Glory Pageants?

I entered Crown and Glory Pageants because I had heard good things about the directors and amazing things about the pageant altogether. 

You've had a really long reign with Covid. How have you found representing Crown & Glory pageants?

I have found representing Crown & Glory really good, but it has been hard sometimes. 

What moments since 2019 are you most proud of?

I am very proud of raising as much as I have being over £1000

Do you have any advice for those looking to choose a pageant or interested in entering first time?


Never lose confidence, keep your head held high no matter what happens. 

If you had the opportunity would you compete in Crown & Glory Pageants again?

I would like to enter Crown & Glory Pageants again in the future, maybe as a Miss contestant. 

Do you have any words of wisdom to those competing in the 2022 European finals this August?

Just like the motto, believe in yourself and remember to have fun.